Feedback Survey

Chase Cappellari was a very pleasant and efficient young man. He immediately went to work and corrected several complaints, which I had about my PC. He also pointed out ways to use various programs, which will help in my operation of it.

I would recommend him to anyone who needs help with their PC.

Goldie Rose

Very prompt and professional in diagnosing our home computer problem. Would highly recommend Compute One!

Heidi Cole

I was pleased that Mr. Cappellari was able to fix what approximately 10 hours on the phone with dell technicians could not.

Brian Morgan

Chase Cappellari really knows his stuff when it comes to computing.

Bob Bower, Carriage Drive Car Company

The service was outstanding. Having the courtesy pick up and delivery was very helpful. Didn’t have to leave work to drop off or pick up the computer. Communicated about the problem and was very timely in getting the issue corrected. We will definitely use Compute One again. I have already told my friends and will continue to do so.

Janie Flanagan and Daniel Moye

Great Service….Fast, friendly, and reasonably priced…will definitely recommend this company to everyone…

Jennifer Lopez

Mr. Cappellari was very knowledgeable. He repaired my computer in under one hour. He also came to my home to repair it, which is awesome. Also, he was able to come to our home the day we called.

Keith & Tara Webb

Thanks to Mr. Cappellari for setting us up with high speed internet. Our family said we could do this ourselves but when the info came I was overwhelmed!
Mr. Cappellari responded to my SOS and we are now up and running.

Dr. Paul and Mabs Loflin

I was very pleased with the service and would plan on using your service again soon. I appreciate the fact that whatever I want is just taken care of and I do not have to do a lot and it just seems so simple. I had memory put on a computer in the past from a large chain and had to go back 3 times because the memory stick was ordered wrong 3 times and after all the trouble it still didn’t make a difference.

Cindy Billo

Mr. Cappellari does a wonderful job of answering questions and explaining tasks at the user’s level of understanding. Congratulations on establishing a company that focuses on a much needed underserved segment of the market!

Doug & Jennifer Ernest

I will leave all my computer needs to Mr. Cappellari. Excellent service and great phone contact. I wouldn’t trust any one but Mr. Cappellari to help me out with my PC problems. Thank you Mr. Cappellari for a quick fix to my problems.

Vickie Priddy, Nails by Vickie Salon and Spa

I have had my computer serviced by other people in the past, but it seemed like in no time things were messing up again. My daughter told me about Compute One and said, Mr. Cappellari, who fixed her computer was really smart and knew what he was talking about. I called and made an appointment for him to come to my house. I love not having to unhook all my wires and take it to them, bring it home, and put it back together again. I thought Mr. Cappellari was nice and so smart, plus all the questions we threw at him he gave us his honest answer. I love having in-home service for my computers and could not have a better company to perform this service. I am very PLEASED!

Terrie Fatony

I was very pleased with the service Compute One gave. I have used other companies for service but had to take equipment to them and this was very time consuming and inconvenient being without my computer. I called Compute One and received SAME DAY service on my two computers in my home and was thrilled that I was up and running within a few hours. This was a task I had been trying to accomplish on my own for over 2 weeks. If ever asked I would certainly recommend this company for service.

Tracie Dove

We have called Mr. Cappellari a couple of times and he has always responded with same day service. His knowledge, politeness, and professionalism is exceptional. He doesn’t mind explaining the repairs in lay-man terms. His determination to excellence is commendable. Keep Up the Great Work!!!

Sue Baber

What can be said when once receives excellent, professional service? In today’s world, it is all too rare. They simply do not come better than Chase Cappellari and Compute One! The service is on time, available at all hours, personable, and an incredible value. There are simply not enough adjectives to describe just how good. Highly recommended and I will never use anyone else.

M.J. Ahmed

I have worked with Mr. Cappellari on several programming projects on a wide array of technologies. He runs a professional operation, and does what he says he will do. He is exactly the type of partner to have on a project.

Stephen Gillian

How wonderful for someone so knowledgeable to come into your home, be treated with so much respect. Mr. Cappellari knows his stuff!! Would recommend him for any work on computers. My sincere thanks to Mr. Cappellari.

Pauline and Jerry Davis

Mr. Cappellari is responsive and quick to respond to service calls. The clients I have referred him to praise his easygoing, friendly manner – and then they’re impressed with his expertise in fixing their computer problems!

Karen Kanakanui

I highly recommend the services of Compute One. It was very refreshing to work with a company that is professional, courteous, knowledgeable and set a specific time for the appointment….and showed up on time. I will definitely continue to use the services of Compute One. Wouldn’t think of going elsewhere. Very Happy Customer!

Cindy Compton, Owner, The Green Village

Mr. Cappellari was very helpful and friendly. He went out of his way to explain things and was very patient with all of our questions. He was very willing to adjust his schedule to help us with our many computer problems. We will be calling him to fix any of our computer needs.

Carrie Johnson

I was very pleased with the speed in which my problem was addressed and fixed. In fact I was scheduled for an appointment two days later but received a call and was moved up when another customer rescheduled. This put me back of online the same day that I had a problem! What great customer service! I highly recommend Compute One and will use them for all my computer needs.

Dee-Dee Hatcher, PTS Center

It is so nice to finally have a computer specialist in Beckley who makes house calls. Scheduling was easy and accommodating while the service was friendly and affordable. Despite having a “dinosaur computer” (my description) Mr. Cappellari was patient and professional. I recommend this service and plan on being a returning customer!

MeriBeth Clagg

A wonderful new business. Hardworking, punctual, knowledgeable and professional. Would highly recommend Compute One to anyone. One call certainly did it all.

Adam Davis, North Beckley Church of Christ

Mr. Cappellari was very prompt, professional and knowledgeable. Our company will use his services again when needed and we highly recommend him to others.

Gary Wills, Wills Electric

We were impressed with Chase Cappellari’s honesty, follow-up and his no short-cut approach to helping us. Mr. Cappellari does very high quality work!

Ray Morton, CFP and Norma Blevins, Ameriprise Financial

Getting in home help with computer problems was so comfortable for my husband and me. It means so much more than when a technician is directing you via telephone. It was a non intimidating experience. We recommend this service for all who struggle with computer technology and terms. We will not hesitate to call Compute One in the future.

Shirley J. Kim

Compute One exceeded my expectations in helping me with my computer problems and needs. Chase Cappellari was very knowledgeable and experienced and came well-prepared to get me up and running quickly! I will recommend him to all my friends and associates

Pam Vance

It was an extreme pleasure working with Chase Cappellari. I found Chase Cappellari to be very quick, knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend any business or individual to use the services of Chase Cappellari and Compute One.

Larry J Steele, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

I thought Chase Cappellari was very professional and friendly. The appointments were met which is unusual. Did not have to sit around and wait for him. If other situations arrive would not hesitate to call.

Bob Sergent

After calling, I was surprised how quick of a response I got. Within an hour Chase Cappellari was here checking out our computer. Even though he eventually had to end up taking it with him, we received it back the next day. Therefore, there was very little downtime and with school starting, we really needed this computer quickly! He got the computer up and running and was very courteous and professional.

Nancy Korczyk

I was referred to Compute One by a friend and business owner. All of my calls have been handled in a professional, timely manner, and the rates are very competitive and reasonable. I would highly recommend Compute One to anyone in need of computer repairs or maintenance.

Sarah Rahal, ESIWV, PLLC

I highly recommend Compute One! My computer repair needs were taken care of in a prompt, knowledgeable, and professional manner. Thank you for a job well done.

Alice Eanes

Chase has been a life saver to our office! It doesn’t matter the scale of the problem we are having it always gets fixed. If you are in need of a computer technician then look no further!

Sarah, West Virginia Vein & Skin Centers, PLLC

Chase’s expertise and problem solving skills instill a strong confidence that our system is working efficiently.

Sharon Lilly Program Director, Beckley Area Foundation

Very happy with the service I got. Will make sure to refer others to you!

Eric Williams

You always take care of my computing needs. Thanks so much!

Peter McCord, CEO Med3000

I appreciate all you do. You are very kind and concerned regarding my computer needs. Compute One is the only company that I would use. Thanks again!!!

an Smith, Billing Coordinator Bodyworks

Very professional service…..shop was very neat and clean…great appearance….tech was very reassuring and friendly….service was great and well worth the cost! Will def. use again!

Jean Czekaj Territory Manager

I was treated with respect with all of my questions in person and email. They never made me feel like I was interrupting them. My diagnostic report was ready when they said with everything explained to me

Glenna Bragg

Compute One is the only place that I would even consider having my computers serviced. I have had both PC’s and my damaged MacBook serviced by Chase and Justin. They are very professional and knowledgeable. There were no surprise fees or charges. I knew how much to pay before picking up my computer! That is refreshing.

Linda Williams

We are pleased with Chase. If he does not understand something about our computers he researches until he does understand. He if very comfortable trying several fixes until he gets it. We trust Compute one and Chase. He is fair and really works to meet your needs.

Glenda Wait

My experience with Compute One was great! Fast service, the price was good. I felt comfortable knowing they also specialize in Mac,s. I am very happy to know I have such a reliable business to take my Mac to when needed.

Drema Williams

He couldn’t find anything wrong with my laptop .. it ran fine for him. He said I was virus free. He could not duplicate my problem. I ran it for 2 days, a couple of days ago with no problem. But, yesterday, it slowed down, again, with me. I’m experimenting with different components attached to see if I can isolate a problem. For example, my internet connection and mouse are currently wireless and I’m not using an external monitor or external hard drive. I’ll see how long it takes before it locks up this time. I was pleased with your service and the technician. I think I just have a tricky problem.

Bill Gailey

I was very pleased with the timeliness and efficiency of the services I received.

Bob Cummings, Professor Emeritus

We were very pleased with the service Chase provided us. He set up my new computer, transferred all my files, fixed a wireless problem and synced our iPhone’s. He was very knowledgeable and explained things to help with our computers. We would highly recommend Chase!

Mike and Diann Prunesti

I came home from Illinois for Christmas and the first thing I did was bring my computer to Chase to check on some problems I was having and make sure my computer was in good shape. Friendly service, fast and accommodating and my computer is running great! Not to mention Chase always answers any computer questions I have!

Christie Songer

I’m a very pleased with the work that was done on my computer, my computer boots up a lot faster, it’s like I have a new computer. I am very pleased with the work and service. They are great people to do work with. I will use them again.

Gary Cook

I was surprised to find someone in my area who was knowledgeable in Mac. The local Compute One technicians were able to find the part I needed and install it in a short time. They were able to prepare my computer for immediate use with the minimum effort on my part. In short, it was ready to use as soon as I got it back home.

Bill Lucas

I was very pleased with the work that was done to take care of the problems that I was having. The time it took to fix them was amazing, fixed in no time! I am very satisfied and intend to tell all my friends about Compute One and suggest that if they have any problems to call and schedule an appointment right away. It’s nice to have someone come to your home to repair your computer instead of having to unplug everything and have to take your CPU unit to them and have to reconnect everything again. The work is guaranteed and the price is right!

Mary Jo Sutphin

I was extremely satisfied with the personal service I received, the promptness of the call and the knowledge of Mr. Cappellari. I will definitely call Compute One when I need help again.

Ann Harkins

This was my first experience with having a computer technician come to my home for service. I found this to be a very convenient option. It prevented me from having to take all of my equipment into a computer service center. The technician was prompt and everything was completed within a couple of hours. This is a very efficient process for extremely busy people and I would highly recommend this service. I found the technician, Chase Cappellari, to be knowledgeable and extremely helpful and willing to insure that everything that I needed done was completed to my satisfaction. I’m keeping the business card handy in my telephone directory for future reference when needed!

Kimberley Tingler

We moved here from the Flathead Valley in Montana. Via the Apple site, we looked for Mac technicians/experts in West Virginia. The closest was Raleigh, NC. We needed to have one, because we bought a new Mac laptop and needed someone knowledgeable to transfer our files, set up some programs and help us with Internet. Upon our arrival, we found Computer One. Mr. Chase Cappellari was just what we needed. He navigated his way through everything we asked for, all the way down to registering our protection plan. He could do it all. His expertise encompasses PC’s and Mac’s. He is a rare find in the state of West Virginia.

J. Marie Pickard

Once again Compute One has come through for us in a timely and professional manner. Our router was sending such a low signal it would not connect with our downstairs computer. I called Compute One and they immediately sent out a technician. They fixed the problem and our signal is stronger than it has ever been. We did not have to order a new router. Thanks again!

Cindy Compton The Green Village, Sophia WV

The service was prompt, efficient and knowledgeable. Chase was courteous and clearly explained what he was doing as he was repairing my computer. I would highly recommend Compute One’s service for your computer needs.

Donna Ellison

I am extremely pleased with the staff & services at Compute One. One of my calls for help was taken care of within the next 30 minutes. I will always use them for all my computer work. Thanks guys for a most efficient & reasonable service.

Sandra Echols

I was very pleased with the quick response I received from Chase to come into my home and take care of my old computer. He even arrived earlier than the time scheduled. He listened to my comments, then started to work. The sound on my computer would not work, he corrected that very quickly and then upgraded the system somewhat and installed a new virus program for me. He was very professional. I’m hoping I won’t have to, but I would definitely use him again when my system goes down. We need more technicians like him, Thanks Chase!

Pat Mitsoyianis

I had the privilege of working with Chase Cappellari while he worked as an intern at a local financial planner’s office. Chase was not only a valuable asset when there, he was greatly missed when he wasn’t! The ongoing office joke was that Chase should drop out of college and work with us full time. He was already so knowledgeable and helpful, we couldn’t imagine that he needed to learn anything more. Plus we needed him! You see, Chase and I made a great team. I would mess up the computers, and he would undo my mess. I can remember occasions when he was called away from doctor’s appointments and golf games to rescue us.

One of the best things about working with Chase is his attitude toward those of us that do not share his level of skill. He definitely knows the language of the computer world, but hasn’t forgotten the common man’s English! He is very patient in working with clients at whatever their particular skill level is, and whatever the problem.

I can’t say I look forward to having Chase work on my computer (again), that would mean I’d crashed it (again). But I can say I’m very glad to know he’s out there when the time comes.

I highly recommend Chase Cappellari of Compute One for all your computer needs!

Jennifer A. Milam

Chase not only has a wealth of knowledge but is quick to meet your needs at a very reasonable price. I have worked with Chase for over 8 years and not once has he not delivered. It is hard to find young people with such work ethic today.
Chase set me up with my first computer 8 years ago while still in high school. He has maintained and answered my questions about computers ever since. He is efficient, prompt, knowledgeable and a real professional. A combination that is rare today. You will be pleasantly surprised with the services he provides.

Mary Margaret Spica, RN MS CSE

Chase Cappellari and Compute One are certainly well qualified to handle your computer problems. Chase has a great computer background/education and knows you best to use the resources available to resolve computer problems (hardware, software, large or small issues). I don’t hesitate in telling my friends about Compute One because I know the fix will be correct, the price will be fair and that Chase stands behind his work.

Terry Nebel Project Manager, WVU

Excellent service! Polite and prompt along with affordable…I will recommend Compute One to everyone I know!

Jacquie McPeake

Even though I had purchased security software, it was not doing the job after I went to high-speed internet. My computer had slowed down, and I was getting all kinds of pop-ups and interruptions. I panicked when suddenly my financial sites and any site requiring me to log in did not recognize me! Chase Cappellari knew exactly what to do to fix all the problems on my computer, and he had it working like new the same day I called him. If I have any computer problems in the future, I will not hesitate to call Compute One for their timely, dependable service!

Lynn A. Uraco

Chase Cappellari provides A-1 service!!! I will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing computer service. His number will be on my speed dial!! My wife and I are just individuals who use our computer for mostly personal business. However, some of the glitches and problems we encounter with our computer were very irritating. The speed of operation was sometimes so slow that we would just not even use the computer. Chase responded promptly to our call and scheduled us for an appointment that same day. He cleaned out a bunch of unnecessary programs, etc., and made some adjustments which allowed the computer to operate at a normal speed. Also, he educated us on some basics we needed to know about our system.

We were totally impressed by his professionalism, punctuality, knowledge, and courtesy. He is someone who I recommend without question.

Will Newsome

Mr. Cappellari is knowledgeable, very pleasant, and has patience in explaining details of work when asked. He networks with other computer specialists; recommends other experts in his field when the job calls for it. He is on our list to call for our computer services needs.

Rose Romero Executive, Raleigh County Medical Society

I have an eight-year-old HP computer that developed several problems that basically rendered it useless to me. I contacted Chase at Compute One and he picked up my computer and delivered it back in one day. The computer worked flawlessly. Needless to say, I was very grateful and happy to be able to be back online again. Chase is very capable, professional, and extremely qualified. Thanks, Chase! I am so glad to know we have someone in the Beckley area to address our computer needs.

Grace Reed

Chase is the first person we call when something goes wrong with one of our computers. With our company, we cannot afford to have a computer problem. That is why we rely on Chase as he promptly comes to our office just minutes after we call. Previous techs were always hard to get a hold of and prices were overly inflated. Not only does Chase provide prompt service, but his prices are more reasonable than anyone else around. Thanks Compute One, you know we’ll be calling again!

Ryan Gray Owner, Gray Internet Technologies, LLC

We had been struggling for weeks with a glitch in our online classroom and couldn’t find anyone who could figure out how to fix it. Chase came highly recommended so I thought I would call him and see if he could help us. Within an hour he had our problem fixed! I am very thankful there is someone in the area I can count on when I need IT help.

Beth Gardner Executive Director, Valley College

I had Compute One update my entire office network from server to workstations enabling tedious proprietary software. Then we had a lightening storm and I really found how valuable Chase Cappellari can be to a small business. He diligently worked until ten in the evening to get my business up and running. I highly recommend Compute One for business or personal computer or IT assistance.

James W. Vargo, DDS Endodontist

One call does it all” is right. Compute One is professional, fast and you can’t beat the quality of service and work.

Within 24 hours of calling Chase my computer was like new. It’s on-site work, so you can’t beat the price. Plus its locally owned and operated which is important to me when I’m looking for a business to use.

Rontina McCann WVNS-DT, News Anchor

My wife and I have adjoining offices. We had been using another computer firm with very poor results in terms of technical know how, efficiency and especially timeliness. Chase with Compute One scheduled us very quickly, arrived early, understood what we needed and efficiently completed the work. His answers and options were given quickly and concisely. As a bonus, Chase is a gentleman, too!

David Baysinger Baysinger Chiropractic, Beckley Medical Arts

Chase Cappellari with Compute One was a class act. A computer expert who knows the ins and outs of computers, knows how to explain things in a way a low-tech person understands, and takes care of business. He assisted in setting up my new office system and answered any question I had on computer techniques in a courteous and swift manner. His fees were very reasonable. I am pleased with Chase’s service and I would recommend him to anyone with computer needs.

Anita Thomas Lighthouse Realty, Inc.

We have several of the same customers. All of them think very highly of Chase and his work. He is very versatile. I have been around a lot of IT people and troubleshooting is the key skill when it comes to repair. It is my opinion he has it in spades.

Danny Cole Owner, WCGnet

Very fast with pickup and delivery, very professional, and very pleasant to work with.

Kip Buchanan Sales Director, Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce

I have used Chase’s services at home and in my business. If he doesn’t have the answer he can find it. More than just “fix” a problem he has help me more effectively align my existing technology to meet our needs and assist in upgrading our IT. He is an asset.

Mick Bates Bodyworks

After years of using other computer repair services, I’ll NEVER go back. Compute One was so easy & convenient to schedule a quick appointment, pickup, & return. Everyone working for the company was extremely helpful & friendly. The technician was extremely knowledgeable & friendly. He not only diagnosed my problem quickly, but also new exactly what repair’s were necessary. I HIGHLY recommend Compute One to anyone with a computer problem. From now on, they will be the only choice for me. I’m very thankful that we have someone locally who provides outstanding service. THANKS guys!!!

Terry Wolman

When it comes to computers, Chase is THE EXPERT. Just a tremendous experience. He delivers more than expected. You will not be disappointed by this true professional…

Dave Harsh

This was my first time to use Compute One and I couldn’t be more pleased. I will not use anyone else from now on. I started my own business 15 years ago and I have never had such quick response to a request for onsite repair service. The technician was here the same day I called. Chase Cappellari was the young man who came. He was very efficient, knowledgeable, polite and respectful to me. There is no way to express how impressed I was with this young man, except to say “I wouldn’t dream of using anyone else in the future.” Thanks again Chase.

Betty C. Lane President, Betty C. Lane Bookkeeping Inc.

Our experience could not have been better. Chase returned our first call quickly, gave us the first appointment he had available, was on time and knew exactly what needed to be done. He was efficient, quick and did what we wanted without the `Oh no! You don’t want/need that’ so often heard. When he couldn’t finish the job on site he cheerfully took the 2 computers away to finish repairing them in his workplace. We would certainly call him again if needed and cheerfully recommend him to anyone needing help.

Don Gibbs

The dedication to your customer’s specific needs and technology aptitude is why I only use Compute One. Although I have a degree in Computer Science and several certifications from Unix to Cisco I simply haven’t stayed current since becoming an advisor 10 years ago. The Compute One team treats their customers as individuals and creates an unmatched personal experience!

Chuck Cox Financial Advisor- Wells Fargo Advisors

This was the best experience with a computer tech I have ever had. He was great. The time it took was incredible. I will gladly recommend this service to all my friends and colleagues. Thanks for a job well done.

Patricia Day Raleigh County Board of Education

Chase’s number one priority is the customer, and will do everything in his power to make sure all of your IT related issues are fixed in a timely manner…He is an expert in the field and understands we are not. He and his team will get you back on your computers spending time working, not IT problem solving. I highly recommend Chase and Compute One.

Chris Utterback Rxcel Partners, LLP

Thanks to Compute One our computer systems continue to operate at peak performance. With always punctual and professional service Compute One staff is available with the appropriate tools to service and repair our office and personal computer systems. We also appreciate the community support by Compute One through Chamber membership. Congratulations on your three year anniversary!”

Joe Guffy Information Coordinator, Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce

The United Way was very pleased with the work completed by Compute One. When computer challenges arise, we are always anxious to get things restored and Chase Cappellari and his staff have been prompt and very helpful. We appreciate their respect of our time and money

Margaret O'Neal Executive Director, United Way of Southern WV

Whether you need technical support in your office or at home, whether the problem is minor or presents a major “break down,” Chase responds quickly and professionally. His attention is what one might expect from an in-house employee who holds your interests as a top priority.

Susan Landis Executive Director, Beckley Area Foundation